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Renu Thamman - The Chicago Bar Mediators
Renu Thamman
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About Renu Thamman

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I have worked in the labor and employment field since graduating law school in 1997 and have dedicated my career to this complex area of law. I have worked in both public and private sectors, first for the City of Chicago for 8 years, and then in private practice for the last 15 years. I have represented both employers and employees during my 23 years of practicing law and have honed my ability to quickly see the strengths and weaknesses of both sides. My work as a neutral arbitrator since 2007 has also solidified my ability to view cases from all perspectives. I have successfully negotiated numerous settlements and agreements for clients and understand the significant benefits of resolving a case. Employment cases can be very emotional, and I am able to empathize yet also be firm with parties as needed. I look forward to helping you resolve your case.


Years in Practice: 23

Cases Mediated: 0

Attorney in good standing with the State of Illinois? Yes

Not under sanction / discipline by any court or regulatory body? Yes

Practice Areas

  • Labor-employment

Mediation Training Qualifications

  • CBA - Improved Negotiation, Mediation and Advocacy Skills - Nov 11, 2020


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