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Types of Mediation Cases in Chicago

Chicago IL mediation cases

Trained Mediators for Family Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate, and Employment Disputes in Illinois

Disputes and disagreements are a regular part of life, but unfortunately, they sometimes grow to the point where it seems that the only way to resolve them is through litigation in court. However, most types of cases that can be handled through civil lawsuits and litigation can also be resolved through mediation. In fact, mediation typically offers many benefits over litigation, including lower costs, more efficient resolutions, greater privacy, and more control over the outcome.

The Chicago Bar Association Mediation Service is a collection of experienced mediators who are trained to provide mediation in many different types of cases. Our mediators are all members of the Chicago Bar Association, and they must have at least 10 years of experience practicing law. This means that they have direct experience and detailed knowledge of the kinds of legal issues and disputes that they mediate. No matter the type of case, we provide our services at a rate of $400 per hour.

Types of Cases

Some of the types of cases that our mediators are trained to handle include:

  • Family law and divorce - This includes cases involving complex asset division, hidden or dissipated assets, disputes over child support, spousal maintenance, parenting time, parental responsibilities, visitation, and relocation, as well as modification and enforcement of court orders.
  • Labor and employment - This includes cases involving collective bargaining, wage and hour disputes, contract disputes, employee misclassification, wrongful termination, employee discipline, employee discrimination and harassment, and violations of employee rights.
  • Personal injury - Our mediation services help injury victims and alleged negligent parties reach fair settlements for economic and non-economic damages. Common types of injury cases include car, truck, and motor vehicle accidents; work-related accidents; and cases involving defective products or premises liability.
  • Real estate - We mediate disputes between buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, property owners, contractors, lenders, realtors, and other parties involved in real estate transactions. Common issues include breach of contract, title encumbrances, boundary disputes, escrow disputes, and disputes between co-owners.
  • Attorney malpractice - We mediate settlements between attorneys and their clients in cases involving claims of negligence or intentional harm on the part of the attorney, including missed deadlines, unreasonable errors in the application of the law, failure to recognize conflicts of interest, and breaches of the attorney-client relationship.
  • Business and commercial law - We provide mediation services for a variety of cases in the realm of business, including contract disputes, business divorce and complex ownership disputes, and disputes over intellectual property rights.
  • Construction - Our mediators handle cases related to the many disputes that may arise between parties over the course of a construction project, including disputes involving property owners, contractors, subcontractors, employees, suppliers, municipalities, and other stakeholders.
  • Education and school law - School law mediation can resolve disputes between parents, teachers, staff, and school officials regarding issues including accommodations for children with special needs, student discipline, and discrimination or negligence on the part of a school or its employees.
  • Environmental law - We provide mediation for environmental law disputes among businesses, individuals, government agencies, and municipalities involving land use, environmental impact, environmental regulations, contamination, and pollution.
  • Estate, probate, and trust matters - Our mediators handle cases involving a wide range of concerns related to decedent estates and probate, including disputes over estate administration, fiduciary responsibilities, contested documents, and all types of trusts.
  • Insurance - We mediate disputes between insurers and policyholders in cases involving auto, homeowner, health, life, and business insurance coverage. Common issues include disagreements over the types of losses covered, the amount insurance should cover, and the timing of payouts. We also mediate subrogation cases in which an insurance provider may be entitled to reimbursement from a settlement or verdict.
  • Medical malpractice - Our services help patients resolve disputes with doctors and other health care providers over fair compensation for damages in cases involving surgical errors, medication and prescription errors, birth injuries, misinterpreted test results, and delayed or incorrect diagnoses.

Find a Chicago Bar Association Mediator Today

If you are in need of mediation services, please review our list of mediators, which is sortable by the types of cases each mediator handles. To learn more or to start working with a mediator, contact us at 312-554-2040. Our mediation services are available throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas.


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