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Chicago Divorce Mediation

Chicago family law mediation services

Lawyer Mediators For Resolution of Family Law Cases in Illinois

Divorce and family law cases tend to involve intensely emotional issues that make it challenging to remain civil throughout the process and reach a resolution that satisfies all of the parties. Spouses and parents may struggle to manage settlement negotiations on their own, or they may find themselves in a situation in which trial litigation feels like their only option. However, family law mediation is often a viable alternative that offers many benefits.

The Chicago Bar Association Mediation Service strives to make mediation accessible to families who need help. Our team includes numerous skilled family law mediators, all of whom have practiced law for at least 10 years and received specialized mediation training. We offer our services at a regular rate of $400 per hour, helping you to resolve your family law matters affordably and efficiently.

Benefits of Family Law Mediation

Mediation offers several potential advantages compared to other methods of divorce and family law resolution. In many cases, mediation is more cost-effective than a trial, and it also tends to lead to more efficient results. While a divorce or child custody trial can span months or sometimes years, it may be possible to reach a mediated resolution in a few productive sessions. Mediation is also much more private than litigation. A trial is a matter of public record and may be attended by a judge, witnesses, spectators, and others. On the other hand, mediation happens behind closed doors, allowing the discussions to stay between the parties, their legal representatives, and the mediator.

For our mediation services, we require that both parties have their own legal counsel. However, our neutral, third-party mediators will guide discussions to ensure that they remain cooperative rather than adversarial. We can help you identify reasonable compromises and mutually beneficial solutions while leaving the terms of the resolution in your hands.

Illinois Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce is perhaps the most common family law matter for which people seek mediation services, and with good reason. Ending a marriage requires reaching an agreement on several important issues, and a mediator can provide valuable structure to the negotiations. Our mediators help spouses resolve divorce-related issues including:

  • Property division - Mediation allows for flexible solutions to the equitable distribution of marital assets, including complicated properties like homes, businesses, and retirement accounts.
  • Spousal support - Maintenance is another option for promoting financial equity between spouses. Mediation can help the parties agree to the amount, duration, and payment structure for spousal support.
  • Parental responsibilities - Mediation is often beneficial for divorcing parents who want to work together on a parenting plan that allows them to continue co-parenting effectively. Our mediators can help with issues including parenting time and decision-making responsibilities.
  • Child Support - Mediation can help parents agree on adjustments to a basic child support order to better provide for their children's specific needs, including those related to their health, development, and education.

Family Law Mediation in Chicago

Our mediators can also help with family law issues outside of divorce. We offer mediation services for cases involving:

  • Parental responsibility and child support agreements between unmarried parents
  • Legal separation agreements involving support, property, and parental responsibilities
  • Parent and child relocation, including necessary updates to the parenting plan
  • Visitation of grandparents and other relatives
  • Post-decree dispute resolution and order modification for spousal support, child support, parenting time, and parental responsibilities

Find a Chicago Family Law Mediator Today

If you need help resolving your divorce or family law case, please review our list of qualified mediators to find one who best meets your needs, and contact us at 312-554-2040 to let us know that you would like to proceed. Our mediation services are available to clients throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas.


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