Chicago Bar Mediation Service
321 S. Plymouth Court, 7th Floor
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Judge Thomas Mulroy, Chairperson of the Chicago Bar Mediation Service

Become a Mediator

Mediators must be CBA members with at least ten years of practice experience, and they must have completed a mediation training course. They must complete the below “Mediator Background Application” detailing the applicant’s professional background and experience. In addition to a photo, an applicant can also submit a video explaining his/her experience in mediation and philosophy of successful mediation (the CBA can assist with the production of the video for a fee).

Once the application is received, the Mediation Service Administrator will accept or refuse the application. If accepted, the applicant will be placed on the list of available mediators.

Mediators must pay a fee of $100 to have their name included on the list of available mediators after their application is approved.

The hourly fee for a mediation is $400 per hour. The mediator will receive $350 per hour.

Parties will select their mediators from the roster of mediators. The Service Administrator will inform a mediator when parties have selected them to mediate their issue and will ensure the mediator is available and has no conflicts of interest. Once the mediator has agreed to take a case, the mediator will follow the procedures outlined here.


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